Be apart of our Matricks Acro Army.




Matricks Acro offers scholarships at each of our events which recognizes students that display hard work, dedication, and initiative. The acrobats who win scholarships at our events are then apart of our Matricks Acro Army for two consecutive seasons. These select acrobats will be representing Matricks Acro in the upcoming season. &  they will have the opportunity to be apart of photo/video shoots and as well as special performances. Active* Marticks Army Members will also have early bid access & automatic acceptance into The Acro Company training program. The Acro Company also will be accepting applicants on a audition basis.

The Top Acrobat Scholarship is a full scholarship that is given to an acrobat who has shown versatility in all aspects of acro. They demonstrate outstanding technique in all skills.

The Matricks Troop Scholarship is a partial scholarship that is given to acorbats who demonstrate great potential. They are dedicated in applying corrections and eager to continue their acro education.


Acro Artistry Challenge is a contest available at all Matricks Acro events


Contest Instructions:

1)  Take a photo in front of the Matricks Media Wall showing off your favourite Acro Skill

2)  Post on social media and tag @Matricks.Acro & be sure to include our hashtag #MatricksArmy

3)  In your caption tell us about your love for Acro Dance!


Winner will be announced at the final award ceremony and will receive a $100 voucher to a future Matricks Event. 

*acrobats who are currently in their 2 year membership


Matricks Acro Intensive can also be found at select dance competitions throughout North America. Acrobats who are awarded a scholarship at a competition will receive a credit to attend one of our events in the year that the scholarship was received.

All scholarships are programmed with a personal single use discount code that must be inputted at the time of registration.

If you need assistance in this process, please do not hesitate to email us at