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  • working on standing bridge 

  • working on handstand

  • working on walkovers 

  • working on cartwheels


  • mastered bridge from standing

  • mastered cartwheels

  • working on walkovers

  • working on aerials



  • mastered walkovers

  • mastered aerials 

  • working on front aerials 

  • working on tumbling


  • mastered walkovers

  • mastered aerial/front aerial

  • mastered handsprings

  • mastered back layout

Spring 2023

June 3 - June 30

Registration opens: February 15th

4 week session

Summer 2023

July 4 - September 1

Registration opens: March 15

9 week session



September 11 - December 8

Registration opens: July 4

12 week session

Winter 2023

December 11 - March 29

Registration opens: October 2

12 week session

Matricks Acro is proud to present The Acro Company, our weekly intensive training program. Acrobats will be able to participate in our training program catered to their level of skill. We offer classes for kinder, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and elite acrobats. Our multi week program takes an in depth approach on acrobatic fundamentals and train various skills such as bridges, handstands, cartwheels, walkover variations, aerials, tumbling, contortion, balances, double tricks and much more!

Join us for our full session or purchase our Drop In Acro Pass (coming soon). Matricks Acro offers a flexible option for those who are looking to try out an acro program or attend classes on a more casual basis with our Drop-In Class Pass.


With the drop-in class pass, you can purchase a class pass for one, three, five, or ten classes, depending on your needs.

  • Single Drop In Acro Pass $65.00

  • 3 Drop In Acro Pass $200.00

  • 5 Drop In Acro Pass $325.00

  • 10 Drop In Acro Pass $600.00

Please note that the Drop-In Class Pass is not applicable for private lessons. Pre-registration is required. 

No audition will be required for our kinder, beginner, intermediate or advanced program, registration is on a first come first serve basis. Please ensure to review the prerequisites above to identify which class your acrobat is in. 


Auditions will be required for our Elite training program, submissions can be sent to Audition submissions need to consist of the acrobat demonstrating the following skills: 

  • Aerial 

  • Front Aerial 

  • Roundoff Back Handspring 

  • Roundoff Back Layout 

To accelerate results we suggest 2x a week, receive 10% off the second class

Spring 2023

Summer 2023

The Acro Company

Elevate your Acro Training and join The Acro Company. Classes available for beginner to advanced acrobats.

1:1 Lessons

Book a private lesson with one of our directors & receive personalized training to accomplish your goals.



Canada's Leading Acro Intensive

Train with the industries top instructors & transform your acro technique with our weekend intensives. 

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