Saturday May 29th, 2021



Saturday May 29th, 2021

Start Time: 11:00am



11:00 AM


Mini Solo 11:10AM 

1. Cooties

Emma Gilmore


Evangeline Teh

3. Little Grass Shack

Amelia Saccucci

4. Hallelujah

Emilia Brasset Kostyk

5. Sushi

Riley Tapper

6. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Bianca Hansen


7. Tale As Old As Time

Izabella Modarresi



Camryn Couprie


9. Hey Mickey

Chloé Degrace


10. Rainbow

Arianna Alix


11. Baby I'm A Star

Giuliana Tricinci


12. Insey Winsey Spider

Juliana Downe


13. Proud mary

Elianna Failla


14. Mockingbird

Elianna Failla


15. Big Noise

Avery Yull


16. Big Noise

Ashlynn Evoy


17. Show Off

Gloria Ezechia


Junior Solo 11:45AM


18. Atlas

Sophie Dwyer


19. Comfortable

Nissi John


20. Somewhere

Sienna Foshay


21. Pushin On

Danica Finlayson


22. True Colours

Kayleigh Arnott


23. Clap Snap

Clara Brasset Kostyk


24. Raindrop

Ophelia Chan


25. Rainbow

Xanthe Reinert


26. That's Life

Mila Antico


27. You can be anything

Mitia Dunn


28. Queendom

Kaitlyn Lau


29. Candyman

Maya Larabie


30. River flows in you

Hannah Reid


31. Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat

Addyson Mooc


32. Shake it Out

Lauralynn Michaud


33. Spooky Lullaby

Olivia Speer


34. Wherever You Will Go

Mila Gaudet


35. L.O.V.E

Maya Greenough


36. Deformation

Isabella Young


37. If They Could See Me Now

Ava DiDonato


38. Lean on Me

Nicole Zilieris


39. Better Place

Callie Knechtel


40. Yankee Doodle

Londyn Kay



Audrey Tremblay


42. Halo

Elena Downe


43. Beautiful life

Leah Robinson



Kaye Li


45. Phobia

Sienna Lichti


46. Diamonds

Elie Tedford


47. The Persistence of Memory

Maryn Smith


48. I Got Love

Cami Spiers-Train


49. Control

Jacquelyn Baillie


50. Circus of your mind

Kelsy Remillard


51. Grown Woman

Mila Njima-Béchard


52. Brave

Braelynn Bergman


53. Alikia

Adriana Rojas


54. Gold

Ayla Thurlow


55. Legend

Jamieson MacNeil


56. Jurassik

Jackie Duy


57. New York to LA

Kayleigh Kupnicki


58. I'm Fabulous

Charlotte Deml


59. Silenced

Bianca Vitale


60. Escalate

Elena Downe


Teen Solo 1:30PM


61. Found

Melissa Cousineau


62. Mambo Italiano

Emma Lafrenière


63. What A Wonderful World

Mia Raymond


64. Barracuda

Amélie Allard


65. Heaven I Know

Paige Alexander


66. Nothing

Natalia Cassano


67. Pull of the Moon

Hudson Simonini


68. Darkness Visible

Sebastien Leroux


69. Never Tear us Apart

Kassidy Johnston


70. Arms of An Angel

Kara McKenna


71. Feels Like Home

Emily Plumsteel


72. Extraordinary Life

Ariele Lavoie


73. Black Fairy

Meghan Burridge


74. Beautiful to Me

Shaunaughsey Meagher


75. Survivor

Jenna Bauer


76. The Rose

Alyssa Albers


77. Amazing Grace

Jayden Maki

78. The Swan

Ella Pillon


Senior Solo 2:15PM


79. I just died in your arms tonight

Montanah Lucas


80. Made Of

Ireland Mcdermott


81. Come Fly With Me

Emily Pisani


82. GOGO

Emily Lemieux


83. My Funny Valentine

Alexandra Gualdieri


84. Bride to be

Taryn Cole


85. Glitch

Makenna Walker


86. Home

Riley king


87. Waves

Quinton Addae



(Ribboning/ Special Awards/ Scholarships/ Leading Title/ Choreography/ Top 3 Dance Off Announcement)

2:40 PM

Starting Back: 2:55 pm


Dance Off 2:55 PM

Starting Back: 3:31 pm


Title Awards and Thank you

3:31 PM