“My daughter has attended the Matricks Intensives and has learned and grown so much. Monica and Michelle are sincere, skilled, knowledgeable, and deeply passionate coaches who empower these young acrobats to be and do more. They recognize the acrobats’ strengths and can effectively guide them to achieve personal goals. The faculty members are kind, professional, and energized, resulting in undeniable success for the acrobats. In addition, they are very well-trained, paying close attention to technique and detail. They capitalize on the passions and strengths of each acrobat making them feel like they can achieve and do anything. The potential in each acrobat doesn’t go unnoticed by the coaches and so goals are quickly achieved. Being a part of the Matricks Army has definitely been a positive, motivating, and confidence boosting experience for my daughter. Thank you!” – R. Spampinato

“My daughter Gloria attended her first Matricks Acro Workshop when she was only 4. Although she was the youngest in the session and had a few nerves on day 1 she was welcomed with open arms. The instructors were so kind and knowledgeable, they were able to tap into her potential and bring out her very best. Through encouragement and learning proper technique she ended the weekend by achieving her back walkover, something we never thought she could do at the age of 4! Matricks Acro offers such a great intensive for kids of all ages. We can’t wait to keep attending their intensives.” – Connie Marie E

“Michelle and Monica are amazing individuals, my daughter has learned so many new things from Matricks and she is loving every minute. The teachers and staff take their time with the kids and make sure they are having a great time. I would recommend Matricks Acro to anyone, my daughter loves being apart of the Matricks troops” -Amy Di Iacovo

“Matricks is so much fun because students get to work with amazing teachers: Monica and Michelle. They are very kind, fun, knowledgeable, and good at what they do so you are sure to learn and have fun at the same time!”− Ashley Choy (dancer)

“My daughter, Alessia, started seeing Coach Michelle a couple of years ago for her front aerial, she has since gotten her front aerial and many, many more tricks and variations since then. Coach Michelle is definitely a huge part in Alessia’s dance journey as well as the Matricks team! Seeing the growth in Matricks and  the dedication, passion and love Michelle and Monica show towards their students is undeniable.” − Vanessa Pedone