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Canada's Leading Acro Competition

Join Canada's First Acro Competition

We are on the hunt for CANADA'S TOP ACROBAT

Presenting Canada’s Ultimate Acro Competition for all Soloists! Contestants will be competing with Canada’s Most Skilled Acrobats for the title of The Top Canadian Acrobat & perform in front of the industries most respected judges. In order to qualify acrobats must compete a minimum of one solo at our event & participate in all audition classes. Acrobats will compete for either Top Mini, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Canadian Acrobat


How to win the title of Top Canadian Acrobat: 

All soloists in the divisions - Mini, Junior, Intermediate, & Senior - will be eligible to compete for Top Canadian Acrobat


Soloist must participate in all audition classes in order to qualify- Aerials, Balances/Contortion, Tumbling, & Walkovers. The average score of all auditions classes will be combined with their highest scored solo mark. The champions will be announced at our last awards ceremony & be titled Canada’s Top Acrobat. 


Those who win this title are not eligible to win again the following year in the same division. 

Canada's Top Acrobat perks: 

  • Winners will be apart of our Matricks Acro  Army for 1 season which will give you exclusive experiences such as being apart of promotional shoots, performances, and representing Matricks Acro for our following year!

  • Winners will be awarded our limited edition merchandise, a cash prize, & a full scholarship to one of our Matricks Acro Intensives. 

  • The Title of CANADA'S TOP ACROBAT!



  • Canada's Mini Top Acrobat

  • Canada's Junior Top Acrobat

  • Canada's Teen Top Acrobat

  • Canada's Senior Top Acrobat